The Mad Hatters Cricket Club (MHCC) was formed on a dark, blustery and rain-filled night in The Central Pub, Market Street, St Andrews, on the 8th February 2007. The club is a wandering cricket side. Wandering means that we have no ground or clubhouse of our own and not even a home pitch. We play the game wholly in the spirit in which it should be played. We try our best to win out in the middle, but never at the expense of good manners. Once the game is over we are either good losers or gracious winners.

The idea of the club was first conceived, by four students out drinking, of which none were prolific cricketers. The MHCC was later formed in order to compete in a University of St Andrews competition and in its infancy consisted of fellow students. However amongst other things we boast a plethora of professions from an asparagus farmer to an Oxford Don.

The definitive provenance of the name is lost in the mists of time, but there is hearsay evidence that Hatters by the names of Fry, Richardson, Ruckley and Wright know its origins. Eventually the decision was taken to call the club the ‘Mad Hatters CC’ and that the club colours should be Blue, Pink and Champagne.